“Spidercracker was probably the best surprise to happen to me at a show in the last year. You guys remember the early 90’s, when all the shit that plagued the radio repetitively actually didn’t suck? I’m not really into grunge, and I don’t mean to romanticize the past but legitimately, at least that grunge wave had balls, the songwriting was executed with intricacy and deliberation, and, for the most part, carried with it a lot of the ethos that came with the punk movement that stemmed it. Spidercracker, to me, felt like old Hole, or Garbage, mixed with more modernized melodies and nuances, almost like that of Metric or Giant Drag, a bit of a deeper pocket and a heavier edge than all of the above. Dragan Panic is one of the most solid guitarists I’ve ever seen and Kendall Wooding is probably my new favourite local bassist (REALLY reminded me of my personal old playing style in my old band The Wrecktals). Solid fucking band. 100% would recommend you check them out ASAP. I can fully imagine these cats dominating the radio circuit, and to see that element in a band that isn’t rehashed fucking monotony is a real treat. I know how hard it is to pull off solid songwriting without becoming mundane and maintaining your edge, but these folks do it, and they do it very fucking well. Loved every second of it.”